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"Other people's recordings sound like recordings.  Your recordings sound like you are really there."

-- Carman Moore, composer and music critic, New York City

Once the concert is over the music should still live.  We can record your concert so you have a sonic record -- something very important if you later decide to apply for grants, try to get future bookings, or apply for further education at a conservatory.

We specialize in the recording of "classical" music including traditional repertoire and modern avant garde fine art music.  We also can record concerts of other forms of acoustic music, such as jazz and folk but specialize in the "classical" realm.

When possible, we record your concert in "Real Stereo" using only two extremely high end microphones to simulate ears so that your recording captures both the music and the acoustic environment of the concert.  This is music that is "pure," not "hyped." It captures the sound an audience member in a good seat hears.  It is more authentic than processed audio, but requires more sophisticated microphones and recording equipment, and better knowledge of acoustics. For more information on Real Stereo, click on the logo below

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Concerts often are marred by cel phone rings, coughs, and many other noises.  Many of these sounds can be reduced, or even eliminated using the high end tools owned by The Sandbook Studio.

In a recent recording a music case fell over during a concert recording creating a "crash." Because the sound had such a large frequency range it could not be completely eliminated without destroying the music at that point.  But, as you can see in the example below, the "crash" has been greatly reduced by the Sandbook studio using very high end software that requires a deep knowledge of acoustics to work properly.  More example will be posted shortly.

EXAMPLE 1: Excerpt of concert recording with "crash"
Concert sound with defect

EXAMPLE 2: Same excerpt with "crash" greatly reduced.
Concert sound with correction

Our services include high end recording of voice: voiceovers for commercials and documentary films, audiobooks, and audio theatre (radio drama). We can help make your voice sound professional and clear. We have a voice booth that can hold up to six people, useful for commercials, audio books, radio drama, interviews, etc.

TOOLS AND EXPERIENCE: The keys to success
The Sandbook Studio uses high end professional recording tools, microphones by Shoeps, Danish Pro Audio and Oktava (specially modified for maximum performance); preamplifiers and interfaces by Rupert Neve, Metric Halo and Sound Devices; Mixers by Mackie (their highest end line); speakers and headphones by Genelec and Sennheiser.

But using professional grade tools is only half of the story.  Our knowledge of the "physics" of sound and the process of converting sound to digital signals allows us to use our tools to their highest capacity.  Anyone can buy a professional microphone or interface, just as anyone can buy a high performance sports car.  But only a trained professional can get maximum results from professional audio gear, just as only a trained driver can win races with a sports car.

All recording done by The Sandbook Studio is supervised by tonmeister,  Eric Somers.  A full description of his background can be found on the About Us page, but, in summary, Mr. Somers has a background in recording classical music with some of the most respected names in classical music.  He is active in the serious "new music" communities, has produced audio theatre and recorded award winning advertisements for radio and is a full professor in the State University of New York system and has given master classes in recording at The Juilliard School and many institutions in the US and Europe.

When many people think of concert recording they think of microphones scattered across the state, cables strewn everywhere and a large mixer installed in the hall with hours of setup.  Our method of pure "Real Stereo" does not require this for an archive concert recording.  We bring portable battery powered gear.  We do need to set up a stereo pair in front of the state at the center, on a single microphone stand, and can locate the recorder in the first row or so of seating with only a single cable connecting the microphones to the recorder.  No power cables.  No mixer.  No stage full of mics.  And, because we use high end equipment and understand acoustics, this "real stereo" recording will usually sound better, and will be a better record of your concert, than would be an elaborate multi-mic setup.

If you are a dancer or theatre director, talk to us about creating electronic sound environments for your performance as we have done for Sefa Jorques in the Merce Cunningham Studio, for theatre collages directed by Ann Wilson, or for the first New York state production of a play by the Russian poet, Yevgeny Yestushenko.


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